Technical Support

ACES Help-Please call support central at 210-485-0555, option 4.
Canvas Help
- Please call Support Central at 210-485-0555, option 2. This is your first point of contact if you need to resolve a Canvas technical issue. 
Click here to learn more about online help.  

Accessing your Online Course-disable Pop-up blocker
If you click on your course in ACES, My Courses tab, and nothing happens, or if you see a notification at the top of the screen that tells you pop-ups have been blocked, then you will also need to allow pop-ups in .  

Below are the instructions for disabling pop-ups for a site for various browsers:

 Allowing Pop-ups in Firefox.pdf


 Allowing Pop-ups in Google Chrome.pdf


 Allowing Pop-ups in IE8 and 9.pdf


 Allowing Pop-ups in your Google Toolbar.pdf   


 Allowing Pop-Ups in Safari.pdf


 Allowing Pop-ups in Mobile Safari iPad.pdf


Minimum Supported Browsers

Canvas highly recommends using the newest version of whatever browser you are using. However, Canvas will run on:

 Although Canvas runs on most browsers, Canvas runs best on Firefox or Chrome. If you do not have either of these browsers on your computer, you might consider downloading one of them now by clicking below:







Other Browser Requirements:
Flash 9 or higher (if you want to use the audio/video recording / viewing or Chat features).
Enable JavaScript on your browser.


Mobile Devices:
Canvas was optimized for desktop displays; however, if you have a mobile device with Internet access, you may access your Canvas courses. If you have an iPhone or iPad, try out the Mobile App: .